The design & creation of Custom Database Applications has been the mainstay of Silicon Fish since it's inception. Our experience in this area has led us to believe that this is probably the single most important factor in determining whether a company's investment in computer systems will actually pay dividends in terms of increased productivity & efficiency.

The positively 'explosive' growth of the internet over the last decade has meant that the majority of new databases that we design are now web-based, this allows companies the flexibility, security and functionality they have always wanted and due to our experience with what are now known as legacy systems such as Microsoft Access, we are (in most cases) able to migrate the data from server-based systems to a new web-based system. This has brought a smile to many a CEO/IT Manager's face for sure.

We have designed & implemented numerous applications ranging from fairly straight forward name & address type contact databases to applications that run entire rental divisions for Estate Agents to applications that store, track and produce printed reports of complex data pertaining to the licensing and rights associated with thousands of songs, by hundreds of recording artists in territories all over the world.

The beauty of a Custom Database Application is that we can make it do EXACTLY what the customer wants it to do. This means that in many cases (& possibly for the first time in many years) a company is able to have their computer system working the way that THEY work, rather than having to adapt their day to day routines to 'fit in' with some 'off the shelf' software package.


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