This powerful, yet often under utilised function of today's popular Word Processing packages has become somewhat of a speciality of SILICON FISH. Apart from the creation of DOCUMENT TEMPLATES for all the normal types of office correspondence such as Fax Forms, Memo Forms, Business Reports, Presentation Documents, Company Letterhead (incorporating Logos or for use with pre-printed stationary), Labels & Company Newsletters, they can also be created with links to the information contained in CUSTOM DATABASE APPLICATIONS.

This advanced feature gives you the ability to create an astonishing array of easy to produce documents and an unlimited amount of flexibility.

With a DOCUMENT TEMPLATE linked to the names & addresses in your database, personalised letters to hundreds of people become as easy as typing a single letter and there is no complicated procedure required as all the hard work is done by the template itself.

Taken one step further, this means that no matter what information is stored in your database, it becomes a simple task to generate Documents, Lists, Catalogues, Reports or whatever, that would have taken untold man-hours in the past, in a matter of minutes.

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